frequently asked questions

Cape York:

What bikes are we riding

Our fleet of hire bikes are all current model Suzuki DRZ400's. We keep our bikes in tip top condition and have a stringent maintenance procedure after each tour. They are all registered and are in full road worthy condition and before your tour commences we run through your bike with you to make sure you are happy with it and adjust anything to suit personal preference.

can I lower the bike if it's too tall

Yes! We can lower our bikes via a lower link or a lowered cut out seat which brings it down to around 33 inches seat to hip height


what is the sleeping situation whilst on tour

We supply tents with air mattresses that are all cleaned and sanitised each tour, we have a VERY high standard when it comes to cleanliness so don't worry, you won't be sleeping in an old mouldy swag!! There are some nights along the tour you can upgrade to a room with a bed to rest those weary bones after some big days on the bike (this is an additional cost and can be upgraded before the tour on when we get into camp that night - depending on availability on the day.

You can also bring your own tent/mattress if you prefer - we are limited to room so unfortunately we can't fit a big swag.


what's the food like

We LOVE food, each night is either a pub meal, camp oven roast, home made dinner, steak and salads, burgers, fish and chips etc.

It is difficult to cater to some fool allergies in remote areas so please contact us if you have any concerns and we will try our hardest to work through them.

Breakfasts most days are cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurt and some days bacon and eggs.

We have limited space in the fridge however if you have food allergies we can fit in special food to get your through your tour.

We have wraps with left overs for lunch the next days and trail snacks to take in your back pack to get you through the day, some days pending how we are going for time we can stop for lunch at pubs and a sneaky coldie.


What fitness level is required

A decent level of fitness is required, you will be on a bike for around 7 hours a day. Nothing compares to being bike fit so getting in as much seat time before the tour will make your trip more enjoyable.

what skill level is required

We can cater for almost all skill levels by splitting the group in certain places. Some tracks are more challenging than others and it depends on what you are wanting on the day, if you're up for a challenge and keen to hit some single trail, sand, bull dust, rocky river and creek crossings then the "A" track option will be a good choice, if you are keen for more scenic riding and something a little less technical then our "B" track option will be a good choice for the day.  If you're the type that just wants to ride to the Tip of Australia the easiest way possible with nothing challenging, we can also make that happen.

We have loads of experience everywhere we go and have break out routes if you're feeling a bit pooped and need out!


what is supplied and what do I need to bring

We supply you with:

  • DRZ400 with a 17litre Safari Tank, Bark Busters, Renthal bars with risers.

  • Tent and air bed

  • Breakfasts, dinners, trail snacks

  • Camping each night (showers and toilets every night)

  • Fuel for the whole trip

  • Fully equipped support vehicle carrying all our gear, we meet up with it each night.

  • Flights from Bamaga to Cairns once the tour is completed

  • Ferry fees

  • Permits

  • SAT phones and EPIRBS

  • Highly experienced lead and sweep riders who are first aid trained

  • The BEST tracks and trails in FNQ - exclusive access to private cattle stations and Aboriginal land

What I need to bring​:

  • Sleep bag and pillow

  • King single sheet to go over your air bed

  • 3ltr Hydration backpack big enough to carry daily snacks

  • Towel

  • Clothes, toiletries 

  • Cash for washing machines, souvenirs etc.

is there beer

This is normally the first question we get asked, YES there is beer available every night and its icey cold!!


How much luggage can I bring

We have limited room and we need to carry gear for 12 guests so we please ask that you not bring big gear bags and limit your bags as much as possible.

You are limited to 15kgs checked luggage and 7kgs carry on luggage when you fly back from Bamaga with REX airline.

We can supply you with some big blue and red stripe bags to put boots and gear in to get them back to Cairns on the plane.

There is opportunity to wash clothes and gear almost each night so you only need 1 set of gear for the tour.

Bring a few pairs of socks and jocks and shorts and T-shirt with thongs are all you need in Cape York.

If you are staying at Rydges they allow you to leave luggage there until you return back to Cairns if you have excess gear.


are there hotel transfers

Yes, we will pick you up from your accommodation in Cairns. 

We recommend staying at Rydges Esplanade the night before (you will get 20% off the best price with them when you book a tour with Ellwood) this makes pick up's much quicker and easier which means we get out on trail quicker the first day, however you are welcome to stay anywhere in the Cairns central area. Please let us know so we can pick you up the morning of your tour around 7am. Please have breakfast before you are picked up. 

It is best to be geared up and ready to rock and roll however you are welcome to get changed and geared up when you arrive at the Ellwood HQ.

What insurance is available

Ours tours are covered by a 20 million dollar public liability and insurance policy. You will be required to sign onto the event and also sign a liability waiver before your tour commences.

It is up to each individual to get personal insurance/income protection and ensure you have ambulance cover before you come on tour in case of an emergency/injury.