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The Ellwood Story

Living Our Dream

Ellyse & Woody

Passion for motorcycling and travelling has been what the founders Ellyse and Woody live for. 

Since a young age Ellyse has been riding motorcycles and when she begged her Dad to take her to the local motocross track she found her love for racing. During her career she has had some major achievements competing at a national level in many women's motocross events and in 2018 took the top spot on the podium winning the inaugural women's class of the Finke Desert race. Her passion also led her to become a qualified off-road motorcycle coach. She spent many years coaching women from beginner to advanced levels at women's off-road coaching events all over the country before finding her love of adventure and trail riding. 

Woody began his love for riding also at a young age and although he never took an interest in racing he spent most of his younger days trail riding in the bush. Once he was old enough to get a licence he took an interest in adventure riding. This lead him to spend many years and 1000's of kilometres riding unsupported to some of the most remote and isolated parts of Australia. The passion continued when he was lucky enough so land a job motorcycle tour guiding in Cape York in 2006.

Ellyse and Woody met when Ellyse joined a tour Woody was leading up in Cape York and have been inseparable ever since. With their combined experience and passion for motorcycling and travel Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures was born. 

Since the company started they have had a vision to take people on an experience of a lifetime by hand picking the best tracks and trails possible and traveling to their most favourite and special destinations on the planet in a fun and safe environment for all motorcycle lovers to enjoy no matter what level of experience.

Our Team

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