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First Aid and Safety 

Safely exploring Australia and the world

Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures aims to make the most unforgettable experience for anyone who joins us on our tours throughout Australia and now the world, however to get to the amazing places we visit on tour sometimes we can be a long way from help. 


Most of Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures tours are in very remote areas therefore it is essential that we are as self-sufficient as possible. Our aim is to make everyone who joins us not only have that bucket list adventure of a lifetime but feel safe and comfortable knowing we are there to help in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

Helicopter Medical Service

We like to be as prepared as possible for all situations and skill level on each tour so we always have multiple guides on each ride to split the group if needed depending on skill level and fatigue levels. We have many systems in place whilst on tour to make the riding as safe, organised and fun as possible for everyone that joins our adventures. Some of our guides are qualified motorcycle off-road coaches that are available for assistance on riding techniques and support throughout the whole trip. 

This is a great benefit for the less experienced riders or even if you want to brush up on some skills to make your ride as fun and safe as possible.

We have experienced and qualified guides on tour every step of the way, Every tour has a support vehicle on hand in case of a breakdown or emergency and our guides are equipped with EPRIB’s, satellite phones, UHF radio, and multiple first aid kits to deal with injuries we may face, each guide is trained and certified to administer pain relief and  have a Penthrox inhaler (green whistle) for emergency pain relief if required. All guides and crew are knowledgeable on the locations of all hospitals, medical clinic, and RFDS medical chest in the remote areas we travel.


For anyone who is not aware the Royal Flying Doctor Service provide medical kits to eligible people in remote areas. These medical kits contain a range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items, which enable emergency and non-emergency treatment to be given to people living and working remote areas where there is no access to a hospital or clinic. These RFDS medical kits have saved countless lives in remote areas all over Australia.

Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures take Safety and First Aid very seriously. We require all our guides have had extensive training and experience in


- remote first aid 

- cardiopulmonary resuscitation 

- basic emergency life support

- providing pain management 


Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures have partnered up with Australia’s leading First Aid Experts SURVIVAL. 

Survival’s selection of first and kits and equipment are exactly what Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures require whether we are on the bikes exploring the amazing places we visit, at camp enjoying a beer and a meal around the campfire or in the workshop preparing for our next adventure. All SURVIVAL first aid kits are well stocked to suit any application you require. 

All kits have detailed labels and pockets to make it easy to locate everything inside and have easy access to restock via their online store. The tough and durable kits can easily handle the extreme conditions we put them through on our tours.


SURVIVAL also have a bunch of freebies on their online store including a FREE iFirst Aid mobile app, FREE First Aid Emergency eBook, FREE first aid videos and a FREE snake and funnel web bite instruction card. 


If you have been wanting to upgrade your own personal First Aid supplies, we have got a great deal for you. Jump the SURVIVAL First Aid kits website and use our unique discount code which will give you a 10% saving on any purchase. They will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding which kits will suit your purpose or get in touch with us at Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures and we will be happy to give you recommendations.

Hit the button "Shop SURVIVAL" below to get your kit now and use our unique code to receive a 10% discount!

Unique code: Ellwood Adventures

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